my love for evermore


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† 07.07.11


I feel the coldness in my heart,
I wish that you could be with me.
I wish you could heal my endless pain
and take me away from all my fears.
But I´m trapt in my world of doubts.
I´m not free to follow you.
I know you would give everything you´ve got
and you would handle me with care.



I will never forget the moment, 
when you looked into my eyes.
When I touched your skin for the first time,
I felt heaven in my hands.  
So I try to close my eyes  
and I´m dreaming me away.  
In my dreams you hold me tight,  
in my dreams you´re always here. 
I never want to wake up again.  
Don´t want to face reality. 
You´re so far away from me 
but you will always be in my dreams. my dreams... my dreams...

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